Your All-Important Guide to Gas Safety and having Your Appliances Serviced

Gas safety is of everyone’s concern. Whilst gas is a very useful utility – indeed, relatively safe and very economical compared to alternatives – it is still a serious issue when it comes to the engineering of it. Gas, after all, can be neither seen nor smelled, yet it can have devastating consequences if it turns out there is a leak here or there.


Gas accidents can have devastating consequences – both in terms of human lives and property damage – and it is everybody’s responsibility to ensure all the rules and regulations regarding gas are followed. Here’s your all-important guide to gas safety and having your appliances serviced.

The annual check-up

Your appliances and your piping should be checked annually by a certified engineer or serviceman (or – woman) who is properly qualified and experienced in commercial gas services London, such as one from Milgas. If you are a landlord, then this is mandated by law. Even if you’re not a landlord, it is highly recommended. During the check-up some appliances could be serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

When to be concerned

You should never wait for the time when the mandatory annual check-up comes around, especially not if you see that things are stranger than usual. Here are some of the early warning signs to look out for:


  • Your gas appliance shows a yellow, weak flame rather than a crisp blue one – it could indicate a leak.
  • There are marked black stains around the appliance.
  • The condensation in the room is higher than usual.
  • The appliance is not working properly.
  • The pilot light does not work properly, or keeps turning off and out.

The appliance safety check

The safety check is usually very short, and comprises (amongst others) the following:


  • Checking if all appliances are tuned, set, and adjusted to the appropriate settings
  • Checking if the appliances are appropriate for the room, the building, and the usage
  • Checking to see if all appliances and piping are stable and in good condition

The appliance service

The servicing of the appliances is more specific and comprises both an analysis of the specific features and, if necessary, the appropriate repairs. Unless the safety check proves there are some problems, there should be little or no servicing.

Don’t forget that it’s not just the appliances and the pipes that have to be checked regularly; there are other things you need to keep under periodic maintenance. For example, chimneys can get blocked due to debris and bird nests, and they have to be cleared annually as well. Air vents also play an important role when it comes to safety – so check them regularly too. It happens only once in a while, and it can really be done very quickly. But it’s important – it’s for everyone’s safety, after all.

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