What You should Really Expect when Filing a Patent

Have no doubt: filing for and acquiring a patent can be a long and time-consuming, not to mention expensive, procedure. Before you apply for a patent, do all the research you can possibly do. The problem is that every year, hundreds – perhaps even thousands – of patents are applied for, and the cost and expense for every patent will always vary.

That being said, you cannot really project the exact cost or expense involved in filing for and acquiring a patent. But you can at least have a better idea of what expenses to expect so you can file your application with the right goal and objective in mind. Here’s what you should really expect when filing a patent.


Making an estimate

As mentioned, the costs for each and every patent can vary greatly, and you cannot really have an accurate idea of how much you will have to spend. One way to acquire a better estimate, though, is to seek help from a patent attorney. Since the patent attorney will have experience when it comes to patents and the costs involved, they can at least give you a ‘ballpark figure’ of the cost of your patent based on factors such as the features of your invention as well as its characteristics.

There are actually two factors which may have an effect on the cost of your application, and these are your invention’s complexity and the type of application you are filing. Patent attorneys can be a big help in this, as they are well-versed with the workings of the industry and are knowledgeable about the latest updates and innovations. Patent attorneys can make it easier for you to file your application through their use of special patent filing software where everything can be done with just a few clicks.

Why your invention’s complexity matters

The reason why it may be more expensive if you have a more complex invention is primarily because it may take a longer time to prepare an application. The application should be properly detailed and documented, and it needs to be prepared carefully. This is especially true if your invention is in a relatively contemporary or new industry – the application may need to have drawings, diagrams, and so on to give it more detail and to thoroughly explain its design and function. Also, if your invention requires more diagrams and drawings, you need to factor in the expense of hiring a professional (such as a draftsman) to do it for you.

All in all, it is entirely possible to file for a patent – but you need do to it carefully and with the right information in your hands. With help from professionals, you can make the process easier, and a patent attorney is often your best source of information for how much your patent application will really cost.

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