Immigrants are Not Stealing Jobs

It is a false claim to say that immigrants are stealing jobs. It is an idea fanned by right-wing leaders over the years to stoke fear and make people vote for them. The truth is that immigrants enhance the economy. It is with their presence that tons of money pour into a country. They also work for industries where locals are not willing to work, and even for payment which is a lot lower than what others are receiving.

If anything, immigrants deserve better treatment. They are a vital part of the community. They help build bridges, clean hotels, nurse the elderly and improve many people’s lives. It is wrong to demonise them and paint them as evil in society.

Given their contribution, the government needs to do a better job of improving their situation. They do not deserve horrible treatment. They need living wages so they can provide for themselves and their family. They need better working conditions than what they have now. They are human beings who decide to work elsewhere to provide for the people they love. Employers seeking to gain money should not treat them with unfair working conditions.

Time and again, immigrants have proved that they are willing to work hard for their families. They do not mind working under challenging conditions provided that they have the right to remain in the country and continue working. They have also proved that they have the skills needed right now because the local workforce is unable to provide them.

Not everyone is the same

It is also common among right-wing leaders to paint all immigrants the same. When there is a story about an immigrant committing a crime, they fan the flames of anger. They tell people that immigrants are all criminals and they do not deserve to stay in the country. The truth is that immigrants commit crimes no more than the locals. People commit crimes not based on their nationality, but because of who they are and what they are going through. Anyone is capable of committing a crime, regardless of citizenship status.

Immigrants are trying their best

Before these immigrants decide to enter another country and work there, they understand their limitations. They know that they will not enjoy all the rights that citizens have. They also understand that their work opportunities are not the same as the locals. Even when they have the necessary skills to move up the ladder, it is still challenging for them.

Despite the circumstances, these immigrants are doing their best to prove their worth. They work hard to integrate into the community and make everyone feel safe around them. They learn the language, culture and traditions. They adjust to what society wants.

If you are an immigrant, it is painful to hear the negative rhetoric used against all immigrants as if everyone is the same. You might even want to pause your plans to emigrate because of those sentiments. However, if you want to pursue immigration anyway, you can check out With the guidance received from legal experts, you will have nothing to worry about.




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