How You Can Start Your Own Specialist Coffee Shop

With huge chains pushing little ones out of competition, it’s time to fight back. Most people certainly don’t want to go to Starbucks – especially if they’re looking for a good coffee – but there often aren’t many other options in prime retail areas. However, you can storm in there with your speciality teas and freshly ground coffee – here’s how:


Don’t Be Afraid of The Competition

You have competition. But that doesn’t mean that you should be intimidated. Often, being a small business will give you an edge over big chains, as people do like small, attractive coffee shops. Don’t let a Café Nero or two dissuade you from opening your doors.

Dare To Be Different

Being different is exactly what you need going for you. Set yourself apart from the rest. What sort of service do you want to offer? Premium coffee in a library setting (prime space for creatives) or perhaps something a little more hip and edgy, which will appeal to younger groups? Decide what you want to be and pursue that fearlessly.

Risk Manage

There are a lot of risks surrounding opening up a new business, to be sure. Having the right advice and financial backing from Summit Financial Resources you are able to reduce your risks. However, with the right local risk management solicitor, you can account for some of the pitfalls that might have broken your business. Lloyd’s website has some more information on risk management, and why it’s so important to new companies.


You’re not going to be just any coffee shop. What else are you? Could you offer a pseudo-French environment, with freshly baked pastries and speciality breads? Or are you a healthy-eating establishment? Specialise yourself.

Know Your Audience

Always have your customer in mind. You may appeal to more people than you originally thought possible. Tailor your service to their tastes and create yourself a loyal following.

Quality Above All

Your highest priority is quality. If you serve the best coffee in town, people will come to you. Always strive to offer only the best. Leave the cheap swill to other coffee shops.

Choose A Team With The Right Atmosphere

Your employees are going to be your lifeline. Treat them extremely well and be selective about your staff members. They need to enjoy working for you, and they need to be the best at what they do. Choose those who will fit your brand best, as they give a personal face to your company’s name.

Work Out of Hours

When the doors are shut, there is still plenty of work to do. Get online. Your website needs to wow people. Furthermore, your social media should be extremely active. With the use of fantastic photography and engaging with your customers, you will go much further as a business. Just try not to turn it into a vanilla marketing campaign. Be interesting. Be yourself.

You Need Great Suppliers

In the beginning, your suppliers have all of the power. Only work with the best and BE NICE. Your suppliers can make or break your coffee shop.

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