How to Handle Causing a Car Accident

One of the most horrible things that could happen to a person is causing a car accident. Not only will you have much guilt, possible personal injury and massive payments to deal with, you may also be facing legal prosecution.


Whether the cause was an accident or not, you will be needing sound legal aid in this regard, which is why you should consult CEGA Criminal Law in such a troubling time to get you through in one piece, and receive the least severe ruling possible.

What do on the Scene

Obviously the most important thing to take care of are the bodies of the people involved in a car accident, which can often lead to quite severe accidents. Once the crisis has been relatively resolved to the point where calmer conversation can resume, it is important that you think carefully about what you say to people.

The smallest excuse can be turned against you very easily as an admission of guilt. You need to ensure that you do not say anything regarding the situation which may be used against you at a later stage. This includes something such as “I was distracted”.

All that you ever really need to talk about is the health of those of the other party, or which relevant authorities now need to be called to best make it through such an incident. It is of the utmost importance that you do not leave the scene before the police and medical services arrive. Such a fleeing action will almost certainly end you up in jail according to the law of many American states.

For the sake of evidence-based investigation, no one should move any objects or vehicles pertaining to an accident, unless such positioning is obstructing the free passage of a busy intersection or highway, or if such a scene is putting others in danger.

The law of some states regarding post-accident formalities requires those involved in an accident to have their vehicles moved to the relative accident assessment zone, which is if the vehicles are still in drivable condition in the first place.

Make sure to do your own detective work by taking photos of the scene and the vehicles involved. While this may seem counter-intuitive when the accident was your fault, your lawyers will need all of the information available, which you can provide best.

Dealing with Insurance

You need to ensure that you report such an incidence to your insurance company, even if you do not believe you will receive any compensation – as a failure to do so will generally be regarded as a breach in contract, and will lead to a voiding of your contract.

It is of vital importance that you try and cater to the needs of your insurance company, as they will ultimately decide whether you receive any compensation for such an incident. You can do this by being as honest as possible, and complying to any of their requests and procedures.




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