Four Ways Health Care Attorneys Can Help Grow Your Medical Practice

Health care is a growing area of the economy, but it is a complex maze of laws that can create problems for a health care clinic, hospital or other medical practice. The key to growth and sustained profits is the use of a good law firm with experience in health law. The following are only a few ways that attorneys with specialized knowledge can help a health care business.

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface

Reimbursement from insurance companies

Getting reimbursed for all of the legal procedures and other work that is done can be a legal issue. Knowing all of the finer points of the insurance and government regulations is something that an attorney can assist you with. Having an attorney guide a health care facility with the process can increase your reimbursement rates to higher levels, and therefore, increase your profitability.

Staffing issues

The larger a health facility becomes, the bigger the need to insure that all medical staff have the proper credentials. As hospitals and other medical faculties expand, it has become common to use medical staff, other than doctors, to provide routine health care. Examples are physician assistants, and the various levels of nurses. These medical personnel have the knowledge to do much of the routine work that medical doctors have done in the past, but it is important that their credentials for the work they are doing be be certified, and they are operating within the current requirements of the law. Having a medical staff with the proper credentials can help prevent litigation issues as well as reimbursement issues for medical procedures.

Legal assistance with business expansion

The health care industry is fundamentally no different than other businesses. As a business achieves success, there is the desire to expand the business. This may take the form of new facilities or perhaps new areas of specialized service. However, the medical industry is heavily regulated, so in order to maximize your chances of success with expansion, it is imperative to get legal counsel from a law firm that understands the issues that you currently facing, and the issues that you will likely face in the future. Health lawyers can not only offer solutions for today, but because they have the experience in knowing what you will likely face tomorrow, they can help you develop preventive measures that will save you money as time goes by.

Assistance with senior health care services

Both inpatient and outpatient health care services can become complex issues as so many hospitals, clinics and various health care providers are dependent upon the Medicare and Medicaid payments from the government. Having legal counsel at the time of the development of these services for seniors as well as an expansion of these services can give your health care business the best chance of success.

Unfortunately, legal issues can have a great effect on profits. No matter how much talent a health care facility has, it is necessary to get assistance from attorneys who understand these specific issues your medical practice or health care facility faces. One example of this type of law firm is the Lawyer Jerry Sokol in Florida. Jerry Sokol in Miami is one example of the broad range of services that a health care facility needs to maximize your success and your future growth.

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