Fight Social Security Disability Denial With The Help Of Parmele Law Firm

Why Are Some People Denied Disability?

Social Security disability is given to those who can no longer perform their duties at work, and many people may be permanently disabled to where they cannot go back to work again. Even someone who is clearly disabled and not able to help themselves at all may be denied for disability, and many times there is no rhyme or reason for the decision. Even with the physical evidence as well as medical evidence that a person is disabled, many people are denied, and they struggle for money on a regular basis.

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Even those who get Worker’s Compensation can only get it for so long, and without disability benefits, they may end up in debt, broke, and have no way to bring in income. Even though some people are wrongfully denied, there are ways to get back on track towards getting approval for disability, especially if the person clearly qualifies for Social Security disability.

What To Do When You’re Denied Disability

If you’ve been denied for Social Security disability, then the first thing to do is to contact an attorney that deals with disability. Parmele Law is very familiar with the Social Security disability laws, especially since the head of the firm used to be an attorney for the Social Security Administration. Those who are denied can be represented by Parmele Law in the effort to get them the disability benefits that they’re entitled to.

Since there are several procedures that must be followed before a person can get Social Security disability, missing an appointment, leaving out crucial information, or even doing everything correctly can still mean that a person will be denied disability.

The best way to get disability is by having a lawyer at the beginning of the process as opposed to after you’ve been denied. Your lawyer from Parmele Law can lobby on your behalf to get you the Social Security disability benefits you need as well as filing paperwork and collecting valuable evidence.

Let The Parmele Law Firm Work For You

Parmele Law has many people working for their firm, which only works to the benefit of each client. Any clients who have problems with the Social Security Administration because they’ve been unfairly denied can go to Parmele Law for a consultation.

The paperwork can be filed to make an appeal if you’ve already been denied for disability, or it’s possible to start the paperwork if you’re trying to get disability for the first time. Working with a lawyer if you’re starting the process of getting disability, but those who are tired of being put on hold or denied for disability should visit right away.

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