5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Packing and Fulfilment

Running an ecommerce business can be a challenge, particularly in the area of packing and distribution. It often happens that a business expertly handles its own packing and fulfilment at the beginning, but then the business grows and the distribution becomes harder and harder to handle. You need to provide efficient, fast distribution in order to keep customers happy but this can be very hard to do unless you are a big company with dedicated warehousing and packing facilities.

This is why increasing numbers of small and medium sized businesses are choosing to outsource their packing and fulfilment needs. Without the worry of fulfilment hanging over your head you can pay more attention to how the business is growing and developing. Here are a few of the reasons why outsourcing fulfilment is the way forward.

  1. You Make Cost Savings

It can be very expensive to put warehouse facilities in place for the sole use of your own company. Unless you are already established it is likely you will not have the resources available to manage this outgoing. An outsourced facility is cheaper because the cost savings are passed down by the company since a number of different businesses are sharing the facilities. Plus, the provider already has their own methods in place to run a distribution business economically.

  1. You Benefit From a More Efficient Service

Contract packing and distribution ensures your business operates efficiently and smoothly. Unless you already have a dedicated fulfilment system that ably handles orders and packing you will definitely benefit from the efficiency of expert providers.


  1. You Retain Control

Outsourcing fulfilment gives you the best of both worlds since you do not have to worry about the day to day operation of the system but you get to oversee the process and you never lose sight of what is going on. You access live data that informs you how your stock is doing, and lets you know when and where items are being delivered.

  1. You Get More Space

If you simply need more space for a larger inventory, outsourcing is the economical option since you get space and you do not have to pay a lot of money for the extra space. Renting or buying a new warehouse can be a tremendous drain on resources.

  1. You Offer a Better Service

You can offer your customers what they want, from a timely delivery to bespoke packaging, a range of transit times, and the assurance that items will arrive safe. It is hard to offer, and deliver, these benefits when you are handling fulfilment yourself.


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