Your Complete Video Wall Guide: What is it, and How can it Benefit Your Business?

If you’re thinking of promoting your business, a video wall may not immediately spring to mind. However, there are many advantages to the video wall, and in some ways it’s amazing to think some people still resist the idea. Here’s a fact: the video wall is big business in the digital signage world, and the trend is projected to continue for years to come. But why are so many people crazy about it? As a matter of fact, what exactly is a video wall, and how is it created? Here’s your complete video wall guide: what it is, and how it can benefit your business.

What’s a video wall?

A video wall is a digital signage that uses multiple TV screens – such as LCD or LED panels – which are positioned side by side to form one large panel which can be used to attract attention and impart information. In essence, the various parts blend together to form one big screen of high quality.

Why are video walls used?

The great thing about a video wall is that it is eye-catching. Nobody can ignore the video wall, and even those in a hurry are sure to catch a glimpse. This creates a tremendous opportunity – half the challenge (catching the people’s attention) has already been won. With the right content, your message is more likely to be effective to a much larger audience.

What does it take?

Video walls can be created in all sizes and can be created virtually anywhere – it requires only a combination of rectangular TV panels to be mounted side by side and from top to bottom. Special software assures the whole image is divided into parcels that are assigned to each TV.

What should be considered?

We have to mention Bezel width here – this is the width of the TV panel sides. It’s always preferable to have a small Bezel width; that way the whole image doesn’t get interrupted too much by the lines that are created by the TV borders and edges.

When it comes to video walls, don’t just think of the numerous screens or TVs it will require to fill up the wall – just to display a few images. That would be like looking at the trees and failing to see the forest. Think of the potential that it offers: the video wall is sure to capture the attention of those passing by, and by showing and broadcasting the right content, you are sure to get your message across in a unique – and possibly big-scale – way. The video wall is here to stay, so take advantage of it before your competition decides to do so.

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