Spread Betting: Exploring your fortune with ETX Capital

Speculative profits have emerged as a very important part of the financial market today. Financial spread betting remains a notable avenue for speculative gains where traders look forward to generating substantial short-term profits simply by speculating movement of financial markets and products. Financial spread betting is definitely not the same as traditional investing. It is not even fixed-odds betting. As a trader, you are definitely speculating price or market movement. However, you aren’t really required waiting for a particular event to occur to close your bet and earn your profits or limit your losses. You can bet on myriad financial products including bonds, stocks, indices and currencies.


Why Spread Betting is exciting

The proposition of betting in the aforementioned fashion entails a lot of excitement. It’s fast-paced, it’s hassle-free and it’s definitely designed for the more ambitious traders out there. In order to understand spread betting, you need to acquaint yourself with concept of “spreads” at first.

ETX capital, one of UK’s top ranked spread betting platforms offers you access to the world of CFD stocks, Forex, commodities, indices or binary options. Here’s more about how you can accelerate your spread betting career with them.

Spread Betting with ETX Capital: The advantages to be explored

Spread is the difference between the buy and the sell price of every asset in question. Traders are offered a “buy” and a “sell” price for the asset they’re going to bet on. If they think that the value of the asset will rise then they will buy it in the hope of selling it at an even higher price. On the other hand, if they feel that value of the asset is going to plummet in the near future then they can sell it, hoping to buy it back at an even lesser price. The smaller the difference between the buy and sell price, the tighter is the spread, lowering your trading cost and opening up avenues for higher profits. Notably, ETX Capital is known for their tight spreads, low-margin bets and fast execution capabilities.

One of the foremost benefits of spread betting is that profits are not subjected to tax regulations. However, betting without strategy can lead to significant losses as well.

How you can start spread betting

If you’re a trader willing to explore your fortune in spread betting then you can start off with any amount. You can place £ 10 per point on an asset. If you believe that the price of the asset is going to increase then you can place a bet at £ 6,690 (the ask price). With every point increase you will get to earn a profit of £ 10 per point. Conversely, if the market goes against your prediction you will end up with losses.

Considering the aforementioned scenario, if the market goes up to £ 6,710 then your profit will be £200 for the 20 point upward movement.

The moment you sign up with ETX you are exposed to a significant number of brokerage choices. The range of benefits offered by them remains unrivalled in the UK today.

Educate yourself more about spread betting with ETX Capital by your side.

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