The basics of personal injury and accidents law

Personal injury laws come from common law rules passed in different states in the country. Unlike other laws made through legislation or statutes, they are made by judges. When a judge makes a ruling in a higher court, it becomes law in other lower courts on the same matter within that state. By lower courts applying the decision of the higher court judge, the law eventually becomes a common law. That is why common laws are different in various states. Most standard rules are in Restatements of Read more [...]

Fighting over your inheritance: How to Challenge a Will

After the pain of being cheated out of your rightful inheritance, it’s time to take legal actions to take back what’s yours. It will take planning, patience and most of all, courage. Legal actions to contest a will is a step most of us will never have to experience. However, if your loved one's will do not quite favor you or at least give your due, then you need to know what the grounds are for challenging a will. You will need to ponder what the current estate value is and how to go about Read more [...]

Why one should opt for the services of a personal injury law firm

Accidents and mishaps due to civil wronging are quite common. Very often, a personal injury is sustained due to such accidents. In such cases of wrongful conduct leading to personal injury, there are certain defenses and legal remedies recognized by the court of law and it is possible to win damages by filing a civil lawsuit. Damages or compensations are usually offered in the form of money, for the harm or personal injury sustained. However, in order to successfully resolve such personal injury Read more [...]

Telecommuting Employees’ Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation

As technological advances make it easier and companies become more flexible in order to attract and accommodate workers, more and more employees are working from home or other remote locations than ever before. This raises a question that is being asked by a growing number of people nationwide: Are injuries incurred while telecommuting eligible for workers’ compensation, aka workers’ comp? Job-Related Duties Telecommuters will be relieved to know that in most cases, injuries sustained stemming Read more [...]

When Should You File A Personal Injury Claim? 

If you have recently been involved in an accident which you either suspect or can prove was caused by the neglect of other parties, such as your employer or those acting upon the authority of your employer, the time may be right to file a personal injury claim. If you believe that willful neglect was the cause of your injury, you have every right to consult with a lawyer in this regard, and absolutely no reason to trust your employer's assurances that no legal action is needed to resolve the matter.  If Read more [...]

Divorce: 4 Questions to Ponder Before Filing

As many as 50% of all marriages end in divorce, but it looks like numbers overall are leveling off. As difficult as going through a divorce is, it's sometimes easier than enduring a bad marriage, even when there are children involved. Usually, there are signs that a marriage is coming to an end long before one or both parties make the decision to file for divorce. Here are five questions you should ask yourself before taking that step. 1. Are we just going through a momentary hardship, or Read more [...]

Imagine if you couldn’t drive your car?

In today's world it seems that you need to be able to drive to do just about anything – to get to work; to shop for food; to see your friends; to go out. But what if you were no longer allowed to drive? For thousands and thousands of people every year this is the reality – convictions for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can carry enormous penalties and have a devastating impact on your life. Driving Under the Influence offences relate not only to alcohol, but also to drugs. The increasing Read more [...]

How You Can Start Your Own Specialist Coffee Shop

With huge chains pushing little ones out of competition, it’s time to fight back. Most people certainly don’t want to go to Starbucks – especially if they’re looking for a good coffee – but there often aren’t many other options in prime retail areas. However, you can storm in there with your speciality teas and freshly ground coffee – here’s how: Don’t Be Afraid of The Competition You have competition. But that doesn’t mean that you should be intimidated. Often, being a Read more [...]

Biggest Class Action Lawsuits Involved in Securities Frauds

Over the years, decades rather, numerous securities frauds have been discovered and taken to court. Most of them have been publicized in one way or another, but some have always stood out a little bit more amongst the masses of class action lawsuits. Really, this usually has to do with how many people were made victim to the frauds, the amount of money that was lost and then paid back from the company, and the amount of time that those frauds and false events had been going on for. Let’s take a Read more [...]

Tips for Creating Your Company’s Strategic Profile

Although some companies are able to extend their activity organically by acquiring new customers through a natural process, most businesses face significant expansion issues that can only be solved with strategic planning, which revolves around creating a strategic profile. Since the main role of a strategic profile is to define a company's activity, organizational concepts and competitive posture in a specific market segment, it focuses on relative performance across the most important competitive Read more [...]

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