Is There a Cure for Rising Healthcare Costs?

The cure for rising health care costs seems unreachable but actually has quite a few options to consider. To start with we should reduce the waste in the U.S. health care system. One third of all tests are inappropriate and just not needed. Also, the increasing costs of new technology is passed on to the patient. Even though this new technology expands the range of possible treatments it must be used efficiently and effectively to impact rising costs.  As it is employed now, new technologies have been adopted system wide before their effectiveness has been demonstrated and they are used broadly in areas they were not intended to be used for.  It has been demonstrated that adoption and implementation of new technology has contributed to the most important driver of healthcare cost increase over time.

Technology used differently

According to and article addressing rising healthcare costs on taking into consideration patient outcomes and healthcare economics has to be considered at the beginning of the process of developing new technologies which has not been the practice in the past.  Other ideas are adopting a disease instead of a part of a disease in developing new methods; reducing time in the hospital, expediting diagnosis, enabling remote patient monitoring, or advancing disease prevention, technology can be employed more efficiently.

Hospital costs can be reduced. Mergers of hospitals increases the costs of hospital care and often drives up costs of individual procedures. And if you are one of the many people without insurance it is even worse.

Administrative costs of health insurance

Accoding to research 85 percent of excess administrative overhead can be attributed to the insurance system.  Reducing insurance provider prices is another way of limiting costs. They are higher in the United States than most of Europe. Also, an increase of unhealthy lifestyles which makes a rise in diabetes and high blood pressure. Encouraging exercise and a better diet may go a long way to improving lifestyles. Obesity is worse in this country than in any other one.

Plus, our population is aging to an average life span of 77 years. This is almost ten years older than a few decades before. So we have people living longer but they are heavier and less inclined to diet. To stop the rise of health care costs lets encourage them to follow a better life plan. They need more in depth programs to reduce obesity.

Also, if you look at the big picture taxes have increased the cost of health insurance by over $5,000 a family. This can add up quickly and some people just cannot afford the price anymore.

If you live with a chronic condition it can be so important to have a good health insurance plan. All it takes is one or two hospital visits for you to see the need for improved health insurance costs. It can be over whelming to a lot of families to bear this burden. Something needs to be done about it.

To reduce health care costs a good look needs to be taken at not only our hospitals but also the political system. Health care is so important and if it is taxed and over taxed, if there is a lot of waste that is not addressed what is that saying to the thousands of people who go without it year after year?

Reducing waste in the health care system is vital to preserving it for many years to come. It is also a good idea to refer to those with a masters in public health degree for expert advice on solutions as well. Otherwise no one will benefit from it.

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