Imagine if you couldn’t drive your car?

In today’s world it seems that you need to be able to drive to do just about anything – to get to work; to shop for food; to see your friends; to go out.

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But what if you were no longer allowed to drive?

For thousands and thousands of people every year this is the reality – convictions for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can carry enormous penalties and have a devastating impact on your life.

Driving Under the Influence offences relate not only to alcohol, but also to drugs. The increasing rate of deaths and injuries on our roads has seen an aggressive increase in law enforcement agencies screening drivers for drugs and alcohol and charging anyone who appears to be over the limit.

One consequence of this increased law enforcement activity in relation to DUI is that a number of innocent drivers are charged with Driving Under the Influence – often resulting in them being unfairly punished.

The consequences of being convicted of a DUI offence are severe. Not only is there a huge amount of time and costs required to go through the legal process, but if convicted you could face the suspension of your driving licence, large fines, and even jail time.

For many people, not being able to drive means that they are unable to get to work – every aspect of your life is negatively affected.

Even when you get back on the road you are likely to have to suffer higher insurance premiums as a result of your conviction.

This is why legal representation is important if you are charged with a DUI offence.

When choosing legal representation you should look for a lawyer who specializes in DUI proceedings. The Law Offices of Randy Collins provides you with a professional, comprehensive service – an award-winning criminal defense attorney who is there to work side-by-side with you to ensure that you get the best outcome possible.

Driving Under the Influence is a broad term that include a number of different types of impairment to your ability to drive – whether that’s having consumed alcohol; marijuana; cocaine; prescription medication; or whether you are underage. The potential penalties that you may face are greatly influenced by whether anyone has been injured or killed as a result of your driving. In any of these circumstances, legal representation is essential to ensure that you are not only putting forward the best case possible but also to minimize any penalties that you may incur if convicted.

What many people don’t realize is that there are a range of defences available to drivers that are facing Driving Under the Influence charges. There is a lot of complexity in DUI cases – not just in whether or not alcohol or drugs have been identified as being present in the driver, but also in terms of whether the correct procedures have been followed; the credibility of the tests that have been completed; and a range of other factors that may demonstrate reasonable doubt in relation to the charge of Driving Under the Influence.

The best advice is to stay safe on the road and stay out of trouble.

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