How Do Dinosaurs Make Millions? Add Spielberg and 3D Technology

Earlier this spring, the news regarding the making and the 2014 official release of the fourth film from the Jurassic Park franchise inflamed fans and critics alike, especially since Universal announced that the screenplay writer and director was Colin Trevorrow, a newbie in the business, with a rather unimpressive portfolio. The world split then in two sides, one driven by the nineties nostalgia, when big ferocious monsters were cinema’s pets and people needed a good scare and thus asking for another Jurassic movie, and the opposite side claiming that nowadays, with so many super – hero movies, with special effects that changed the course of cinema entirely, with productions that sky – rocketed as story, character development, action scenes and CGI, a new dinosaurs movie would be pointless and even ridiculous. And after Pacific Rim, in comparison with the size and evilness of the Kaiju monsters, old T-Rex will look like a tiny friendly cat.

However, Universal studios and Spielberg himself stood their grounds and went on with the project, until earlier this summer, at least. The filming crew is said to have taken a few weeks’ break, to get a clearer overall picture about the whole project. So if you expected to see Jurassic World next year, you will have to wait for the summer of 2015, when it’s programmed for an official release. They are going to make it 3D and it will still benefit from Spielberg’s magic touch and previous experience as a producer, together with a promising team gathering Frank Marshall, Pat Crowley and Colin Trevorrow, who is going to collaborate with Derek Connolly for directing the movie.

Earlier this year, producer Kathleen Kennedy was telling journalists that continuing and revitalizing the franchise will necessitate a lot of work, an impeccable script and an overall logic, as the fans not to be disappointed and the story to be thrilling enough to fill up cinemas. The latest news tell us that Kathleen left the team, as she will be busy with Star Wars Episode VII, but that the dinosaurs are still on very good hands.

For history’s sake, we have to remember that in 1993, when master of mass-disaster Steven Spielberg released the first Jurassic Park movie – a book adaptation after Michael Crichton’s novel, the movie was not only a box – office hit, but it became a cult-movie for an entire generation, broke the barriers in special effects use in filming and twenty years later, it is still considered one of the 250 best movies in the world, according to IMDB listings.

With three Oscar Awards in its closet and revenues reaching almost a billion dollars worldwide, the Jurassic Park franchise represents a turning-point in the history of cinema. Without a doubt, it terrorized humanity and if you get the chance to catch one or all of the three movies on TV or online with a Time Warner triple play package, it’s a pity to miss them out. If not for the story or the special effects, at least for the memory and a preparatory mood for what’s about to come in 2015. If you want to wait a little bit more, then you should be happy to know that Universal has announced a re-release of the 1993 original movie in 3D technology. If this sells how they believe it will, it will become the first billionaire Spielberg’s movie, even if per total, the franchise is rated on over $2 billion.

But back to the fourth film, there is little news regarding the cast and the plot, but the studios promise us a really thrilling adventure, even if it will compete with Star Wars Episode VII, another franchise movie that is also famous, billionaire and deeply waited for by the fans, so the bets and odds will be tight, to say the least.

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