Guide on Writing a Last Will and Testament

People who are dying will often be in a hurry to write the last will and testmant document. The will can be written yourself if you have a straightforward situation. If the situation is a complicated, it will be best to hire an attorney to help you draft the will.


Writing the Will Yourself

If you decide to write the will yourself, make sure it meet with the state requirement. In the will, you must identify your unique identity not just by name because someone else can have the same name. Instead, you should also include the social security number, birthdate and address to avoid confusion.


In the main heading, you are supposed to state that it is the last will and testament. In the first paragraph, you must announce that you are ina sound mind when you write the will and that the following content is the wishes you want to set forth. You can overwrite any provision in the previous will by writing a new will. The will should also include a statement that the testator is in a sound mind because the testator is the one who witness the will.


If you want to leave your property to your family, make sure to mention their names and relationship to you accordingly. Finally, you must state who you will appoint as an executor. The executor is responsible for making sure the will is carried out as stated accordingly. He will be distributing the assets and properties according to your wishes in the will.


Hire a Lawyer to Write the Will

The state laws change every year so you may be missing some requirement if you don’t have the latest knowledge of these updates. If you don’t know how to write a last will and testament, you can hire an attorney. At least, you will be safe assured that the agreement is written in a way that conform with the law. If you already draft the will, the lawyer can help you to reveiw it and check to see if it meet the state requirement.


You should hire a lawyer if it is an unnaturally dispose will which means you intend to cut out your family member from receiving anything in the will. Instead, you intend to give your asset to someone else that is not in the family.


Other Ways to Get Your Will Written

If you have no money to hire a lawyer, you can buy a PDF editor software that has free last will and testament templates. Movavi PDF Editor makes it easy for you to write a will. The will is prewritten with a few blank spaces in which you are to fill in the relevant information. You can fill in the last will and testament form and save it first. To save the form, just press the Save button.


You can email the form to a lawyer and ask him to go over it to see if you need to make any changes to the answer you provided in the blank fields. After that, you can put down your signature and print it out. In the software, you can load signature image and paste it into the form. Without the document, the will can’t be filed so it is important to store it in a safe place like a safety box. You can also write down in a note where you store the will just in case you forget where you put it.



In conclusion, getting the last will and testament written is a crucial step if you have some assets and properties that you want to leave to someone else. Without the will, the government will have the right to determine what to do with your property.

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