Find What Makes the Civil Marriage Special

It is faster, more agile and even a lot cheaper. Since the Law of Voluntary Jurisdiction came into force, the first weddings have been held before a notary, and many couples have shown their interest in this new option, an idea that started from the previous Minister of Justice.


Thanks to the number of notaries (almost 3,000), distributed throughout the country, including in villages with 500 inhabitants, the preparation and legal training and technological development reached by notaries (connected to each other and to public administrations) facilitates the process of contracting a marriage, a legal act that often dilates considerably in the civil registries and the town halls.

However, some courts give appointments to get through the civil marriage at four or five months or a year. They get married during office hours, and they are not there all day, because they have issues to attend to. Therefore, they usually establish a day a week for weddings. That makes the waiting time dilate to get married.

It suffices the DNI and two witnesses who are present in the act to marry before a notary. “It’s a very short ceremony. If you live in Quebec, you can get more information about the process on That they must admiration and help others and act for the interest of the family and that they are obliged to live together, to be faithful and to help each other. Besides, they must share the domestic responsibilities and the care and attention of ascendants and descendants and other dependents under their supervision.

The marriage records

However, the judges will continue processing the matrimonial files until June 30, 2017, date from which the notaries will begin to do so. “It is about gathering a series of documents (birth certificate, marital status) to prove that the person is of legal age, is not married, and marries freely and voluntarily. For the moment, once the documentation is gathered, the judge issues the order declaring the parties that can marry.

  • The notary has no obligation to move from the notary, but it can be agreed to celebrate the wedding elsewhere
  • Notaries are not required to travel outside the notary only in case of illness and disability, but it can be decided to celebrate the wedding in a place chosen by the spouses. Of course, this circumstance can increase the price of your services. Marrying before a notary usually costs between 100 and 160 euros, everything depends, for example, on whether the notary has to move if the wedding is celebrated on a holiday or working day.

In the same way that notaries can officially unite a relationship, they can also legalize a breach, that is, a separation or a divorce, provided there are no minor children involved, in which case a judge will intervene, and it will not be a contentious breach, which must be processed by a judicial procedure. “A regulatory agreement is drawn up as long as there is an agreement between the spouses. It establishes whether or not there is a compensatory pension, who stays with the house if the property regime is liquidated. The notaries control that the agreement does not contain any clause that is harmful or detrimental to any of the spouses.



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