Essential tips for lawyers to improve their SEO rankings and let people reach out to them

So we take it for granted that your law firm must be having a website but it may not be generating considerable leads. Why is it so? Well, it may be that Google is not displaying your law firm web page high in the search engine result pages and since the average internet user doesn’t look beyond the first page, there are many potential clients out there who might not be seeing your web page. Once you get to know about this problem, you might be asking yourself how to address it. Apart from using pay-per-click, what else can you do?


The ultimate answer lies in SEO or search engine optimization as it can drastically improve the position of your law firm website in SERPs. It will make your website visible to the bots which crawl through the web and later on index your site. You may also read through SEO for lawyers at online to know why lawyers should give importance to SEO.

  • Jot down a list of relevant search terms which you wish to target

Start out with a list of 20 search terms which you can think of. Consider the services which you offer, the location where you’re based and one more thing you shouldn’t forget is the fact that you are a law firm or a lawyer.

  • Streamline your search terms

If you’re not sure about the search terms which are most widely used, use Google Analytics to discover them and then start narrowing down your search to the top 2 or 3 keywords. A targeted keyword will be specific and longer like the Bankruptcy Lawyer in Miami, FL.

  • Make sure the terms are included in your web pages

Once you know the most searched terms, make sure they are included occasionally either in the title or in the content. In case there are images on your site, ensure that the image description and name is also relevant.

  • Check if there are valuable backlinks

Remember that the more you link your site to ‘good’ websites; the better will be the search engine rank of your website. The backlinks may include reviews and hence you should plead your clients to leave a short review on their most preferred service. Yelp can be one of the best review sites to link to.

  • Avoid generating negative SEO

If you start adopting negative SEO strategies, this may lead to Google not only down ranking your website but also temporarily eliminating your website from every search result due to the offence that you commit. Don’t use duplicate content from other sites and get backlinks from bad quality websites. Also avoid keyword stuffing.

Hopefully, the above mentioned SEO tips can help lawyers in improving their website and leading to enhanced lead and traffic generation. If you’re a lawyer who wishes to get immediate good results from your website, adopt the best SEO practices.

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