Documents Necessary For The Medical Malpractice Initial Solicitor Meeting

When you want to first see the solicitor the experience is going to be nervous. That is especially the case when you have no idea what to do. That first meeting will surely be quite unsettling since a relationship should be established with that individual. You have to be prepared to deal with the situation and you need to do everything that is necessary to increase chances of success. This is especially the case in highly complicated cases like birth injury. Generally speaking, the most common and useful documents you will have to take with you to that initial meeting are the following:



There are strict laws and regulations that govern the solicitor forms and you need to always prove identity as the claim is started. A firm will normally ask for 2 or 3 identification documents. This always includes photo IDs with address but you might also be required to provide the following:

When you are in doubt about what is accepted and what not, call in advance and ask.

Factual Summary

You want to offer a written summary of everything that happened. This is actually one of the most important of all the documents you will offer. The document basically highlights an events timeline and adds some extra details. General summaries have to include:

  • Symptoms details together with when they developed.
  • How the illness affected day-to-day life.
  • Visit dates for hospitals or doctors.

The solicitor is going to be grateful when you offer as much data as possible about the events that happened. Just make sure everything is relevant and highly connected with the case.


In all medical negligence cases you have to be sure you prove what happened. Basically, it is up to you to show that someone caused you harm. Documentary evidence can be a little difficult to gather. This is where attorneys can step in and help you since they allow you to easily identify what will be accepted and what will not be accepted. It is normally a good idea to simply keep all the records of anything medical related whenever you go to a private clinic or to a hospital.

Pen And Paper

There are so many that simply go to the meetings with the solicitors without having anything to write with. You never know when you actually need something. Memory can be quite tricky and you need to always be sure you write down all things of importance. Solicitors will tell you many different things you have to be aware of. Forgetting about some can lead to huge problems in the entire process.

Insurance Details

The solicitor may have already talked with the insurance company before the meeting but this does not mean you should not bring related documents with you. It is something necessary in so many cases as that will help decide what coverage was available when the incident happened and what coverage was not available. Be sure you just get all the documents you need with you.

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