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Immigrants are Not Stealing Jobs

It is a false claim to say that immigrants are stealing jobs. It is an idea fanned by right-wing leaders over the years to stoke fear and make people vote for them. The truth is that immigrants enhance the economy. It is with their presence that tons of money pour into a country. They also work for industries where locals are not willing to work, and even for payment which is a lot lower than what others are receiving. If anything, immigrants deserve better treatment. They are a vital part Read more [...]

Currency Trading Queries Answered

What is so different about the forex/currency market? Forex is currently the largest trading market in the world, saying that it has only recently become a thing for the general 'run-of-the-mill' traders. Up to a few years ago when online trading became a hit and began to become a thing of the norm, the forex market was only used and was the domain of large financial institutions, worldwide corporations and various hedge funds. As times have changed, investors want to get a taste of the currency Read more [...]