Advantages of Good Communication for Workplace Security & Safety

Businesses have different goals and missions, depending upon their size and what they do. But, no matter what business you’re in, there’s one goal you’re likely to have in common with every other business: to keep your workplace safe and secure. This task can be easier for some business owners than others. Nevertheless, it’s just as important for a two-person office-based business to be safe and secure as it is for a 100-person warehouse operation. Two-way radios are an excellent tool that any business person can use to promote workplace safety and security. Learn more about how they can help you look out for your business and its employees.

  • Communicate From Anywhere on the Premises. How many times has a hectic schedule or waiting for a phone call kept you from leaving your office to talk to someone about an important matter? If it’s happened even once, you’ll benefit from having access to portable communication devices. Not every worker will have access to email or texting, but they can easily have access to radio communication.
  • Touch Base with Several Employees at Once. If you’ve ever felt like a broken record trying to relay the same information over and over again, a two-way radio can immediately alleviate that problem. With the touch of a button you can communicate with every employee that has access to a radio. A multi-channel radio allows you to assign certain channels to specific people or departments, as well.
  • Alert Others to Potential Safety Issues. In addition to communicating with your employees, they can also get in touch with you. This is particularly important when potential safety issues arise. Whether the issue is related to a spill, malfunctioning equipment or a security breach, communicating via radio communication allows you to deal with the situation quickly and efficiently.
  • Seek and Receive Clarification. Workers that are busy in their departments won’t always have the opportunity to leave the area to ask questions. But if they need information to do their jobs, you certainly want them to have it. Providing radio communication in each department allows employees to reach you if you’re not in your office or get help from another department.
  • Promote Efficient Use of Time. An employee that has to walk around to look for a supervisor can’t oversee what’s going on in his or her department. Leaving an area unattended can lead to a compromise in security or safety. To promote thorough communication without having workers waste time looking for whomever they need to speak to, provide radio devices for easy communication.

Security and safety should be at the top of your business priority list, but it doesn’t have to be your number one money-drainer. Start by increasing your communication to keep staff members informed so everyone can work together in a proactive manner that reduces safety and security issues. Get everyone on the same page by discussing guidelines for safety and security, and make sure these guidelines are part of your new employee orientation process. Something as simple as a two-way radio can be profoundly effective in helping you reach your workplace security and safety goals. Find more information about professional two-way radio solutions for safety requirements via the link.

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