5 Things You Definitely Need to Consider When Planning a Pop Up Stand

When you print a roll up banner or a pop up banner stand you need to pay careful attention to a number of different aspects. You first need to have a clear idea of why you want to design a banner display and where you are going to locate it. You also need to think about what message you want to display on the banner, and how you are going to get people to notice it. Here are a few quick tips for planning your pop up stand: consider these aspects.

1. Colour

When you have corporate colours it is best to stick to these for designing a pull up banner or a display banner. This will make the display stand out because it will be more easily recognisable to existing customers. If you do not have corporate colours or because you are launching a different service or product, you may want to use a couple of bold colours with plenty of white space in the design so that your banner looks uncluttered and clear.

2. Quality

Overly cheap banner stands are not worth the money. You will end up replacing them after just a couple of uses. When you use a cheap banner that is not well put together you risk giving the impression that your business is cheap and not trustworthy. Plus, you don’t want to spend valuable exhibition time chasing a stand that keeps blowing away or falling down.


3. The Audience

You need to know who you are trying to convince and attract with your pop up stands as this will determine the overall design of the stand as well as where you display it. You need to research your audience and use this information to develop a banner stand – research is not only useful for website creation or brochure production.

4. Your Message

Make sure you think about the text you want on the banner. You have very little space and it is not a good idea to waste it on too much text. Yes, you want people to see your message but too much detail will cause people to walk away. Make your message clear and decide which aspect of your business you want to focus on rather than trying to fit everything in at once.

5. Ease of Storage

You are no doubt going to be using your banner on other occasions so it is important to choose a banner that can be safely stored and brought out when needed. It should be easy to put up and easy to take down. It also should be easy to transport.

Image: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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