3 Reasons Why You Need a Family Law Lawyer

When you and your spouse married, it was the happiest day of your life. You never imagined you would now be divorcing him. You have children  three to be exact  and you don’t know what to do. You fear for you and your children’s safety. He was the one having the affair, but he also has a horrible temper that never reared its ugly head until after your nuptials. Move forward with the help of qualified counsel to ensure your rights are protected and your divorce goes through quickly.


  1. They Understand the Law


Family lawyers in Sydney understand family law much better than you do. They know the ins and outs of the legislation that was enacted to protect you and your children before, during, and after this difficult time. They also know how to approach mediation and family court, should your final divorce settlement be unable to be mediated, in the best manner possible to ensure you get the custody, support, and protection you are seeking for both you and your children.


  1. They Understand the Process


Dissolving your marriage is a complex process, even if you don’t have children. There are many things to consider and a lot of paperwork to fill out. Qualified counsel can guide you through this process, including negotiating the complex issues of dividing your assets, properties, and the custodial rights of each parent. The courts demand that your children’s best interests be at the forefront of all negotiations, so it is best to navigate through the motions of your divorce with the help of experienced counsel. This helps prevent you from losing any rights because you misunderstood the process.


  1. They Will Prevent Things from Getting Too Heated


Any dissolution of marriage is emotional, even if you and your spouse are splitting amicably. Still, things can get heated and they likely will. As you wrestle with what your spouse has done to you, your emotions will take centre stage, especially if you think you might not receive what you are entitled. If your situation mirrors the example above, and you feel your spouse should not have rights to your children, you might become extremely upset if the courts give him visitation rights anyway. An attorney by your side can help keep emotions under control, which makes you look better in front of the judge.


Divorce is not easy, and you must protect your children throughout the entire process. Make certain you are protected as well by seeking guidance from someone knowledgeable in family law.

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